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Previously known as New Tubes Tanning & Beauty, Studio13 are the proud owners of a fabulous sun bed that is regularly re-tubed for the maximum experience. Our maxi tan, high intensive tubes will give you the best results and we have put together some bulk buy packages to make your tanning experience easier! 

We ask that all sun bed sessions are booked online prior to visiting Studio13. Please note: we are unable to accept any walk-in appointments on a Tuesday.

Single Sessions:


For Safe Tanning, Check Out

Your Tanning Type:

Be Skin Safe

White or pale skin

Blue or green eyes

Red hair and freckles

Burns very easily

Tans with difficulty

Tan with caution


Light beige skin

Blue or green eyes

Blonde or light brown hair

Possibly freckles

Tends to burn

Tan carefully and correctly


Light brown skin

Brown eyes and hair

Sometimes burns but always tans


Light brown or olive skin

Dark brown eyes and hair

Sometimes burns but tans easily


Brown skin

Dark hair and eyes

Rarely burns and tans easily


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